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Premises Liability

Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuits Based on Premises Liability

Under the legal concept of premises liability, property owners, managers, and occupiers have the duty to provide a reasonably safe environment for those who visit or reside on their premises, such as customers, patrons, service personnel, or residents. Where a safety hazard or dangerous condition develops on the premises, property owners should provide warnings until the hazard can be remedied or repaired. If a property owner has knowledge of an adverse condition which could cause injuries and he or she refuses or fails to handle the problem, it may become a legal liability should someone be hurt or killed due to the unrepaired danger. This could constitute negligence, which is the underlying key factor in personal injury cases. Those who have been hurt due to negligence may pursue compensation for their damages in an injury claim or lawsuit against the responsible party or entity.

Premises liability can apply to any public or private property, including a residence, office buildings, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, hotels, motels, dormitories, nursing homes, sports arenas, entertainment venues, nightclubs, grocery stores, apartment complexes, hospitals, parking structures, and more. Examples of unhandled and potentially dangerous property conditions include wet floors, spills on floors, broken tiles or flooring, broken windows, poor or non-existent lighting in stairwells, hallways, or pathways, and other similar conditions. Typical incidents which may fall under premises liability include slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, and dog attacks.

Legal Compensation for Your Injuries

Premises liability cases can be very complicated; just because an individual has been injured on another's property does not necessarily mean that negligence was the cause. An actual dangerous condition which was uncorrected by the property owner must be shown to be the cause of the injury. Merely falling or being hurt due to one's own inattention or due to other circumstances will not be grounds for a claim. In any personal injury case, it is smart to get the opinion and advice of an experienced attorney who deals with these types of issues every day. At Personal Injury Attorney, you can rely on the considerable experience and legal skills of our personal injury lawyer. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients throughout our 19 years of legal practice.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you have a valid premises liability case, we recommend that you contact our law offices to arrange for a free consultation. Find out what you need to know to make an informed decision about your situation from a firm that is well-known and recognized for its work in this field.