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Slip & Fall Accidents

Premises Liability Cases Which Can Lead to Injury Claims

Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents which occur due to unsafe property conditions may lead to valid personal injury claims and lawsuits under premises liability. These types of situations are valid where the property owner has failed to remedy a safety hazard or failed to warn visitors of its existence. Property owners and managers who fail to properly maintain their premises may be considered negligent in such cases and find themselves liable for legal compensation to victims of slip and fall injuries. Compensation for damages may include past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and similar damages.

Examples of slip and fall accidents are those which occur due to recently mopped floors which are still wet and slippery, floors where liquids or other wet objects have been spilled, such as fruit, floors which have broken tiles or surfaces, carpeting which is torn, sidewalks that are uneven or crumbling, potholes in pathways or other surfaces, defective stairs, broken or inadequate lighting in hallways, pathways, staircases or other areas, and similar conditions which make walking difficult. Such conditions can exist on both private and public property. In the case of public buildings, individual property owners, businesses, and corporations as well as governmental agencies may be liable. In cases concerning negligence on the part of governmental agencies, different laws and statutes of limitation generally apply; you should consult with our experienced attorney to ensure that such a claim of this nature is handled properly.

What to Do Following a Slip and Fall Injury

As in the case of most injuries stemming from an accident, you should gather as much evidence as possible following a slip and fall or trip and fall injury and do so as soon as possible. It is extremely helpful to take pictures of the accident scene before the area is repaired or changed. Information and statements from witnesses who can substantiate your claim is also advantageous. Photographs of your injuries are also vital to the process. All of this evidence should be gathered while it is still available, before it is forgotten, altered, or faded away.

At Problem Injury Attorney, our personal injury attorney can provide all of the advice and assistance you need to get started on any claim following a slip and fall accident. Our firm works on a no-recovery no-fee basis.