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Workers' Compensation

California Law Provides Benefits to Injured Workers

Every employee is at risk for a work-related injury, regardless of their occupation. Work-related injuries can often be traumatic and potentially lead to a significant interference in one's life. Such injuries may be:

  • sudden, such as falling off a scaffold,
  • long-term, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain as a result of heavy lifting,
  • or caused by unsafe working conditions.

Worker's compensation insurance carriers are legally obligated to provide certain benefits to workers who suffer an injury. Such benefits include:

  • medical treatment
  • temporary or permanent disability payments
  • lump-sum payment

Legitimate workers' compensation claims may sometimes be denied by insurance companies, who may either deny that you have been injured or claim that your case does not qualify for workers' compensation benefits because your injury is not severe enough. Without representation, you will be at a disadvantage before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board and may not be able to receive essential benefits, such as medical coverage and financial support.

Get Qualified Legal Help

If you or a loved one has suffered a work-related injury, you want to be represented by a qualified and experienced attorney who can guide you through the labyrinth of the workers' compensation claim process. This is especially critical now because all the recent changes in the law make it much more difficult to receive the benefits that you truly deserve. Since 1993, the Personal Injury Attorney have handled thousands of cases in the area of California workers' compensation law. We assure that our clients receive the maximum benefits they are entitled to by aggressively pursuing the insurance companies.

How We Will Handle Your Case

At our firm, we are committed to obtaining the most favorable results possible for our clients. The Personal Injury Attorney has effectively represented thousands of injured workers, resulting in maximum settlements in their workers' compensation claims. Our law office will aggressively pursue the benefits that every victim of work-related injury in California is entitled to. We will handle all of the details that comprise the claims process, including the following:

  • you come to us or we will come to you, if necessary
  • we will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case
  • submit insurance claims and collect temporary disability benefits expeditiously
  • obtain proper medical treatment for you
  • obtain a neutral physician's opinion to determine a true diagnosis to collect maximum permanent disability benefits.

To get the legal help you need following an injury, whether your injury is from a specific incident, repetitive trauma, or occupational exposure, or to seek death benefits from the death of a loved one, contact our firm for a free consultation with our attorney.